Geo-thermal | 125k MWh

Project Summary

The project entails establishing a 15 MWe geothermal power plant, utilizing favorable geothermal resources and clear regulatory conditions. It aligns with global clean energy goals, attracting investors and off-takers for the generated power. The venture is supported by an experienced team and proven resources, contributing to the growth of sustainable and renewable power generation.

The Geothermal Leases have been granted.

The Preliminary Environmental & Social Impact Assessment has been granted.

Project Opportunity

The project opportunity involves developing a 15 MWe geothermal power plant in a region known for its favorable geothermal resources. The area has clear regulations and ambitious decarbonization goals, creating a supportive environment for renewable energy projects. The growing global demand for clean energy, coupled with market opportunities through Power Purchase Agreements and off-takers, makes this venture promising. The project benefits from proven geothermal resources and an experienced team with specialized expertise. By aligning with sustainable development goals, the project can contribute to affordable and clean energy, climate action, and innovation, fostering partnerships for a more sustainable future. organization's project is contributing to achieving that specific goal.

Equipment Packages for Quotations

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Organic Rankine Cycle turbine


Battery storage


Geo-thermal drilling tools and services

Sustainable Development Goals:

Use of geothermal heat to grow crops or seafood that can be sold locally

Commitment to mentoring and hiring women including vendors and suppliers

Responsible water management planning through lifecyle and protect surface and groundwater resources during development

The project generates 15 MWe of renewable energy from geothermal sources, providing a reliable and sustainable power supply.

Developing a geothermal power plant to contribute to clean energy production and meet energy demand.

Holistic design and use of peaker plant mitigates risk of climate change on grid

The organization collaborates with investors, off-takers, and relevant authorities to achieve sustainable development.

Engaging in partnerships to drive clean energy initiatives and promote sustainable development goals.

Direct-heat opportunities expected to create new jobs and businesses that diversify the local economy

The project's low-carbon geothermal power generation helps combat climate change and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Reducing carbon emissions through sustainable energy production, supporting global climate action.

The project fosters innovation in the renewable energy sector and contributes to sustainable infrastructure development.

Promoting innovation in geothermal power generation and infrastructure for clean energy distribution.

Geothermal plant small footprint limits the surface impact on the existing flora and fauna

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