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Welcome to NexusNovus, where we are committed to creating a sustainable future for generations to come. Our unique franchise model offers an end-to-end solution for your critical infrastructure needs in the waste, water, and renewable energy sectors. With our structured project finance, plug-and-play technology design, and project navigator software, we make it easier for local promoters to access low-cost project funding and launch new projects quicker. Let us help you build a better world. 

About Nexusnovus

At NexusNovus, our mission is to decarbonize the world and taking back our planet, through sustainable and innovative energy projects. We believe that by building a franchise network, we can achieve massive scale and create a better future for everyone.

We empower local communities to lead the way towards a sustainable future within the just transition, transforming the energy industry with new technology and innovation. Our core values are based on environmental responsibility and sustainability, with a strong commitment to social justice and equity. We act with integrity and transparency in all our actions and decisions.

Our Projects

Discover how we're making a difference with our sustainable infrastructure projects. Check out some of our highlighted projects below

Project Summary Smart City takes on significant importance as it addresses a pressing issue rooted in the history of apartheid in South Africa: environmental injustice. …

Integrated Waste Management Facility NexusNovus has pioneered India’s first Integrated Waste Management Facility associated with an airport, featuring advanced capabilities and scalability. Capable of processing …

Project Summary The project entails establishing a 15 MWe geothermal power plant, utilizing favorable geothermal resources and clear regulatory conditions. It aligns with global clean …

Client's Testimonials

Together with NexusNovus we, Colubris Cleantech, successfully completed the Integrated Waste Management plant at Bangalore International Airport in India.
During this turnkey project, where we took care of the design, engineering, equipment supply, installations, commissioning, project coordination, system integration and export finance from the Netherlands, we worked very closely and constructively with NexusNovus. We are convinced we can close the loop and accelerate the transition to a circular global economy by bundling unique knowledge. Therefore, we are looking forward to working with NexusNovus again on more groundbreaking projects worldwide.

Mark Beerten Colubris Cleantech

Polyganics is a relative young medical device manufacturer, who is expanding its distribution network worldwide. India is one of our emerging markets from which we expect a lot in the coming years. As we did not have the experience in this market in house we decided to find the expertise externally. After successfully presenting a quick scan, NexusNovus has become our partner in India to create and manage the distribution network. After the product registration in India after approximately six months, NN will have the distribution channel in place. NN will be focusing on maintaining and perfecting the distribution channel and be in charge of the marketing activities for Polyganics in India.

Marcel Polyganics

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