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MABR Sewage Treatment Plant Lanseria, South Africa 

Here’s a sneak-a-peak from our site visit for a brand-new Sewage Treatment project in South Africa. Another win for Smart cities with Aerated Biofilm Reactor Sewer Treatment Plant (STP) and a Watercare Centre of Excellence that is currently being developed in  Johannesburg. 
With this project, NexusNovus aims to combat the twin scours of South Africa: water and electricity shortage.   
The modular and innovative technology uses 4-8 times less power, converts 90% of it’s sewage into reusable water, saving 3 million kgs of CO2 per year. The smart city is promoted by a female led black-owned company, supported by a sophisticated and well equipped and experienced senior management team, representing all major ethnicities of the South Africa rainbow nation, contributing to local economic development of SMMEs Project & Technology.  This project is expected to generate 4,500 jobs and supply water to 1,800 inhabitants and 326,978 m2 GFA commercial space.   
We look forward to working with more women in the renewable energy space! If you have a project that you would be interested in building with us, do get in touch.   
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