Day: 9 March 2023

  • Geo-thermal | 125k MWh

    Geo-thermal | 125k MWh

    Project Summary The project entails establishing a 15 MWe geothermal power plant, utilizing favorable geothermal resources and clear regulatory conditions. It aligns with global clean energy goals, attracting investors and off-takers for the generated power. The venture is supported by an experienced team and proven resources, contributing to the growth of sustainable and renewable power…

  • MABR Sewage Treatment Plant | 2 MLD

    MABR Sewage Treatment Plant | 2 MLD

    Project Summary Smart City takes on significant importance as it addresses a pressing issue rooted in the history of apartheid in South Africa: environmental injustice. The legacy of apartheid has resulted in disparities in access to clean water and adequate waste water treatment, perpetuating inequality across communities. By tackling under-served waste water treatment, water shortages,…

  • RNG | 10 TPD | Napier Grass Energy Crop

    RNG | 10 TPD | Napier Grass Energy Crop

    Project Summary The project involves the establishment of a plant in India to convert Super Napier Grass into 10 tons per day (TPD) of Renewable Natural Gas (RNG) and 100 TPD of Value Added Solid Bio Fertilizer (PROM). The RNG and bio-fertilizer will be sold to Oil & Marketing Companies and Fertilizer Companies, respectively. The…