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The Demand for Renewable Energy 

The demand for Natural Gas has increased over the years, while the current war related supply shocks show how fragile our infrastructure really is. Natural gas can be used for heating, energy production, as well as fuel.  
The main drawbacks, beyond geostrategic security issues, however, are that they contribute to carbon emissions and increase local PM 2.5 concentrations, which has caused cities like for example Delhi to be permanently shrouded in toxic fumes and darkness.  
Biogas as fuel or source of power production offers many benefits:  
1. It is locally produced and thus does not require imports and rogue state dependencies  
2. It is carbon neutral  
3. It does not produce PM 2.5  
In addition, the slurry can be used to produce fertilizer, again, a geopolitical time bomb.  
But what really is biogas?   
Biogas is an alternative energy source for petroleum. Biogas is already in use in rural areas, but its use is limited due to the availability of limited technology in biogas and cost-effectiveness, considering its reliability very few people are showing interest in using it.   
Biogas is a fuel that consists of a mixture of gases produced by the breakdown of organic matter in the absence of oxygen by an anaerobic organism class called methanogens. Methane (Natural Gas) and carbon dioxide are the primary constituents of biogas. In India, biogas is popularly known as gobar gas as methane is produced using cow manure.   
Methane gas is also produced naturally in every part of the world where organic materials are found in abundance.   
Scientifically biogas is produced by a process of methanogenesis.  Methanogen which digests the organic materials present inside a closed system in the absence of oxygen. Methanogens digest organic materials and primarily release methane gas by breaking down the organic compounds into simple ones.   
Raw Biogas can be used in generators to produce power or can be upgraded (removal of CO2) to 96% Methane purity to be compressed as CBG (a CNG equivalent) and stored in cylinders.  
Biogas has an important rolea significant role to play to cut geopolitical risks, reduce carbon emissions, reduce PM 2.5 emissions and be a great sourcea major source of bio-fertilizer on top. At NexusNovus we have the ambition, skill sets and perseverance to contribute significantly to this noble cause.  
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