Integrated Waste Management plant at Bangalore International Airport

Integrated Waste Management Facility NexusNovus has pioneered India’s first Integrated Waste Management Facility associated with an airport, featuring advanced capabilities and scalability. Capable of processing 20-30 TPD of waste, our facility focuses on reducing landfill waste by utilizing 60% of organic waste for biogas production and recycling 30-40% of the remaining waste. This cyclical and […]

Agri Pharmaceuticals

Project Summary Agri pharmaceuticals involve the application of pharmaceutical knowledge and practices in the agricultural sector, specifically in the production of medicinal plants. This includes utilizing pharmaceutical-grade techniques, such as adhering to EU-GMP and GAP standards, to ensure the cultivation of high-quality plants. Advanced methods like controlled environments and optimized nutrient formulations are employed to […]

RNG | 10 TPD | Press-Mud Napier Grass Energy Crop  

Project Summary The project focuses on establishing a 10 TPD RNG and 100 TPD Value Added Solid Bio Fertilizer Plant, utilizing modular technology and advanced data-driven operations. It aims to convert Press Mud and Super Napier Grass biomass into BioCNG and high-value solid and liquid fertilizer. By leveraging anaerobic digestion, biogas scrubbing, and gas purification […]

Bio-ethanol | 300 KLD | Broken rice

Project Summary The project involves the establishment of a 300 KLPD agri-waste-based distillery to supply bio-ethanol to Oil & Marketing Companies (OMC’s) adhering to E-20 standards. An investor has partnered with a specialized entity for this endeavor. The project aims to meet the increasing demand for bioethanol as mandated by the government’s biofuel blend targets. […]